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      Steel Fabrication

      K.Topline has fabricated a variety of mechanical equipment corrosion and high temperature resistance materials for Petrochemical, oil refinery, power plant etc..

      Fabricated Quench & Venturi with Hastelloy material forTPI (Rayong), 1st unit 1999, 2nd unit 2005

      Fabricated heat exchangers TPI (Rayong), 2002

      Industrial machinery & equipments

      K.Topline has supplied, revamped and commissioning machineries for metal fabrication, Heavy duty lathe and Plano milling machine for maintenance & repair workshops, as well as much of manufacturing process equipments.

      Supplied & installed Haeusler plate bending machine for BIB (Prachinburi), 1997

      Revamped and installed Siemens CNC controls for Turbine reconditioning machine, EGAT (Bangkok), 2004

      Deep Diving and Marine Engineering

      K.Topline has supplied and commissioning and trainging underwater equipment for Mixed Gas diving system, Hyperbaric Chamber, underwater communication system, ROV stystem etc.

      Supplied, commissioning and training Helium/Oxygen diving system for EGAT (Karnchanaburi), 1995

      Supply Materials

      K.Topline suppy a wide range of materials which broadly, fall into three categories.

      1. Corrosion and high temperature resistance materials

      2. Boiler tubes, heat exchanger tubes, pipe fitting, etc.

      3. Finned coiles, finned tubes, etc.

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